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Movement Group



A time and space to free your energy using Breathwork and Bioenergetic exercises

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This weekly group will focus on moving energy and opening blocks in your emotional and physical body.  The goal is to come out of your head and arrive in presence and in self-connection. 


We will be exploring breathwork and a variety of different Bioenergetics exercises.  Each week will have a different theme and focus.  This group is for anyone who wants to be more present in their body.  It’s for those who are new to this work, or those who are very experienced ~ all are welcome.



When:  Ongoing Wednesdays at 12pm EST

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Zoom video call

Commitment and investment: $125 USD/$160 CAD to join the 5 week commitment (no refunds for no-shows).

Start date:  February 14th, 2024.  This is an ongoing group that closes and re-opens for additional participants every 5 weeks.

Bring: Clothes you feel comfortable moving in, and ideally arrange a space where you have room to move and make sound in.  A padded mat or mattress will be useful as well.


This is NOT a process group, and hence there will be very minimal sharing.  Therefore, it is a requirement for all participants to be in regular therapy either with me, or another therapist/practitioner.  This enables us to focus our time fully on the movement work — and I suggest you take the arising process work into your individuals sessions.  Please contact me if you have questions about this.


The inspiration for this group comes from my observations in working online in the last couple years.  Though I was surprised at how well the somatic work can be accomplished online, I observed that a number of clients would benefit from this kind of grounded, dedicated and regular engagement in an embodiment practice.


To apply, send an email to

If you are not a current client of mine, please fill out this questionnaire to apply.

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