Hi, my name is Sanjay.  


I work with individuals and lead groups to support transformation  and breakthroughs in people's lives.  

I am a Somatic Therapist and Bioenergetics practitioner.  I help people feel & express their feelings and to know their deepest truth. 


When this happens, they come into deeper contact with themselves and what they want in their lives ~ all manner of goodness ensues from that place.


My Approach

We all have the capacity to live with joy, in totality and with our hearts wide open.  To go for what we want. To say what we need to say. To feel everything along the way.


Unique to each of us are the limitations and false beliefs we acquire as a result of growing up in our particular family, living in our particular culture and responding to the conditioning from the larger world we inhabit. These limitations and beliefs are like knots tied into a rope, and my skill lies in helping you untie those knots, one at a time, and fully claim your own life and your own energy.


As a Somatic Therapist & Bioenergetics Practitioner my approach is to work with the wisdom of the body.


The knots in our rope have correlating experiences in our bodies, and these feelings can exist outside of our awareness, influencing us in indirect ways. With my support, people begin to feel the truth of their body (suggestion: or their embodied truth?) . With my support — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes happen. When we can embody truth on all these levels, we fulfill our capacity to create a life of totality, joy and open heartedness.

Here are the four foundations of my practice:


1) Accept what is.


Say YES to whatever you are experiencing in the moment.  Welcome your present moment experience, whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant. It is ok, valid and important.  Start with where you are, without judgment.  And if you’re judging where you are, then welcoming that, too. 


2) Self Exploration.


Through the process of inquiry, we begin to unveil how our experience is coloured by our unique perceptual filters.  And as we examine these filters, we begin to learn where they come from, how they got formed and why they matter to us.  We may find out that in the past we needed to adopt beliefs or repress feelings in order to survive and stay in good standing with others around us.  We look at these with strategies with fresh eyes to see if they still serve us in the present moment, or not.


3) Self Expression.


Self expression is the foundation on which belonging is built.  Imagine knowing that you are welcome here in this world, just as you are.

The space to feel and express all the parts of ourselves — without shame, guilt or repression, but with loving acceptance, is vital to the task of re-creating belonging.  As we allow ourselves this expression — which happens differently in each person — we gradually begin to accept that who we are is not only ok, but good, and needed in the world.  



4) Self Possession.


We possess ourselves when, with acceptance and through self exploration and full self expression, we take responsibility for ourselves, our feelings, and our life situation.  We choose what we want to do and create what we want to create in this world.  Self Possession means that we are the leaders of own our lives.  That we are aware that we have choice, and we choose to walk down the path we have chosen. 



My work is to walk beside you in your journey and creatively support your emerging process, wherever it goes.  I hold space for all that needs to be felt, expressed, seen and known. With this support you will transform your biggest knots into your biggest gifts.

In response to the COVID situation, I have created a free document to support people in working with their emotions at home.  It’s called Body Wisdom, a series of guided questions that take you through a process into deeper self-awareness and contact with what you’re needing.  It takes about 30 minutes, so give yourself some uninterrupted time to explore. Feel free to share with those who you feel would benefit.


Contact Me

If you're interested in working with me, send me a message below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 



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