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Group Work

Groups are a place where you can bring who you are, express how you feel -- and be seen and witnessed. The reflections of others help accelerate your growth and awareness. The group in fact becomes a microcosm of the whole world. How we are and what we do in groups is a mirror for the rest of our life. So the group becomes an opportunity to try a new way of being, and see what happens.

Committed Groups

The committed group format is a deep dive into the core of who you are. The power of the group container builds intimacy and creates an encouraging environment that can hold full authentic expression for everyone in the group. Having all of yourself and being real with each other. Joining the committed group means that you are willing to change something in your life that doesn't serve you. It requires courage and builds maturity.  

Deep Dive

Group Testimonials

"Sanjay's Deep Dives have changed my life and my relationship to myself forever. It's given me permission and allowed me to show up for life in my realness and truth in whatever moment I am in. It's rare to find someone who can accept and encourage you to show up exactly as you are and to love you there, that's exactly what Sanjay holds space for. Its an honor to work with him as I continue to learn about myself in this deeply honest and raw way."​   --- J.M.

"The work I did with Sanjay was quite impactful. With his help, I became aware of unconscious behaviours that underly many of my actions in relationships and business. I came prepared to work on one important facet of myself, but after just a couple of sessions, I realized that there was more to it than that. I discovered a range of deeply-rooted limiting beliefs that held me back from my potential. With Sanjay and the group, I had a well-facilitated space to lean into my edges and experience meaningful growth, which has made me happier."  --- A.N.

"Working with Sanjay in his 10 week program altered the course of my year and how I show up in all my relationships, be they with family, at work, with friends, or personal relationships.  Going in I knew I had work to do on boundaries and intimacy but didn't know how or appreciate why.  Slowly, thoughtfully, and without any force, Sanjay helped me tease out the areas I was keeping myself small and gave me the container to express feelings I didn't know were there (and those I did know about but wouldn't let out).  As a result of this work, I developed stronger boundaries, the ability to articulate my feelings, and most importantly, the ability to do so without shame or guilt but with confidence and peace.  The group environment was also more valuable than I could have ever predicted. I learned a lot about how I show up and react, as well as what triggers me in others; this propelled my ability to communicate and speak up for myself forward.  I can't speak highly enough about Sanjay and the strength I gained through this process and highly recommend working with Sanjay to anyone who's ready to see change in their lives."  --- Lawyer & Participant in 10 week Deep Dive

Upcoming Events 

The following drop in sessions are experiential (not theoretical talk) - the invitation is to come with an open mind.  Each week we will explore a different topic in a contained group setting, where you can explore yourself in a new way.  These sessions are intended to be an introduction to the work.  **Note: RSVP's are needed to attend**

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