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About Me:

Sanjay Kevin Evran, Bioenergetics Practitioner, CPRA (Certified Practitioner of Radical Aliveness), ACCEP Candidate (Advanced Certified Core Energetics Practitioner)

Since 2016, Sanjay has been in private practice working with individuals and groups in Toronto. Though he has trained in many different modalities, his model of therapy trusts the process of the emerging moment, rather than following any particular set of techniques.  


Sanjay was trained in Bioenergetic Therapy by Prem Milan at the Namastê Institute in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  He then completed the 4-year Radical Aliveness Practitioner training led by Ann Bradney.  He is currently completing the postgraduate program at the Core Energetics Institute in NYC. 


My intention is to help my clients know themselves on a deep physical, emotional and spiritual level.  It is through being deeply intimate with ourselves, that we create a foundation for a life filled with love, acceptance and meaning.  In welcoming my clients exactly where they are, I create a container where ALL aspects of themselves can be felt, expressed and integrated into consciousness. 

What clients are saying:

"Working with Sanjay was the perfect, nourishing, illuminating mix of movement, talking, yelling, crying, laughter. He created and held the space to allow me to play, explore and feel my feelings. He's a skillful facilitator, and I was continually impressed with his integrity and presence. I recommend him without reservation!"


 - Cordelia H.

"Sanjay has a beautiful way of meeting me where I am with love, empathy, understanding and openness. Of allowing me to fully inhabit where I am and supporting me in leaping, flowing or crawling forward when I feel ready. Working with Sanjay has been a great adventure, joy and blessing. I feel incredibly fortunate to work with someone so gifted and committed to this work." 

 - Eve S. 

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