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Work With Me

It is nearly always, that our biggest challenges are the gateways through which our deepest fulfillments can be lived.

Individual Sessions

Working one to one, means that you are willing to take a step from the known to the unknown ~ it requires the courage to change. Change can only come if one is willing to tolerate discomfort, or else someone would have created that magic pill already. Why would you do this? Probably because you want something more in your life. More fulfillment, more joy, more sexuality, more energy, more money, more intimacy... More of You. And you realize that you need help to get there.  I think we all do.


I am here to support you on your journey, if you so choose.    

My intention is to support you to see, hear, feel and know yourself at deeper levels. Over time of doing this process, you will learn and develop your own abilities; you become more and more capable of holding yourself with your own feelings, visions, voices, relationships, movements and body pains. All the material that arises in you: body sensations, emotions, thoughts relating issues, etc. -- ceases to become noise or problems in the way that they used to. It becomes an express train to yourself. 

Then, every situation in life becomes an opportunity for fulfillment ~ an expression of truth and love.

Every session may look quite different. And every person needs something different in each session. They may be loud & emotive or they may be quiet & subtle. I work out of a large studio, so there is space to move and tools to help you to move stuck energy.  

What clients are saying:

"Working with Sanjay was the perfect, nourishing, illuminating mix of movement, talking, yelling, crying, laughter. He created and held the space to allow me to play, explore and feel my feelings. He's a skillful facilitator, and I was continually impressed with his integrity and presence. I recommend him without reservation!"


 - Cordelia H.

"Sanjay has a beautiful way of meeting me where I am with love, empathy, understanding and openness. Of allowing me to fully inhabit where I am and supporting me in leaping, flowing or crawling forward when I feel ready. Working with Sanjay has been a great adventure, joy and blessing. I feel incredibly fortunate to work with someone so gifted and committed to this work." 

 - Eve S. 

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