Breathwork is powerful medicine. 


It has changed many people's lives, including my own. 


Some of you who have experienced breathwork (especially in sessions longer than 30 minutes), know that you can access powerful places of emotional release.  Sometimes these intense experiences lead the breather into accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness. 

This can be a huge catalyst for change.  

And while this can be beautiful, it can be challenging to ground these experiences into everyday life. How does one integrate all of that expansion as you head into work the next day?  The gap in between can be overwhelming.

Enter Breathwork as Daily Practice

Doing a small amount on a daily basis is a different approach.  Opening up your body’s energy to daily breathwork can support you in accessing more feeling and sensitivity in small and tolerable doses.  


By doing this slowly, but regularly - the benefits of breathwork are much more easily integrated into your daily life.  

My breathwork clients report:


  • Increased energy levels and aliveness 

  • More access to feeling while not being overwhelmed as often

  • Increased sexual desire and creativity

  • Heightened pleasure and stamina in their sexuality

  • Feeling more grounded - in contact with themselves

In this 21 day program, I will be guiding you through the process of learning how to breathe in a way that is right for you.  Everyone is different, and there's no one way to breathe.  This course will tweak your own daily practice, enabling you to ride the edge of your own comfort level: thus expanding without being overwhelmed.  

In 4 live zoom calls I will guide you through various breathing experiences and teachings.  These calls will support you as you navigate your own daily commitment of 10 minutes.  You will receive a 10 minute guided audio recording making daily practice simple and easy to stick to.  


Tuition: $200+Tax ($226 CAD)

Research Discount: $100+Tax ($113 CAD) will be refunded to those who participate in the surveys.

Research Component:  I am asking those who are willing to participate in a survey to collect data about the effects of doing this 21 day cycle.  The information is for a postgraduate study I am conducting, so your help would be appreciated and rewarded financially.  Your information will be confidential and your name will not be published anywhere.  The surveys will take about 15-20 minutes to complete, and will happen just before, just after, and 21 days after the cycle (March 20th, April 10th & May 1st).  Your discount will be sent to you after they are all submitted on time.

21 Day cycle runs 3/20 - 4/10:

March 20th 1-2:30pm - Intro & Theory Class

March 27th 1-2:30pm - Grounding Through Breath

April 3rd 1-2:30pm - Freedom of Expression

April 10th 1-2:30pm - Completion and Next Steps

(all times EST)

Any questions? Feel free to reach out and ask me HERE

Registration Form

*Note* If you are participating in the research component, you will be refunded half your tuition after submitting all the surveys.  The full tuition is required up front.